Aaron Heth

I'm Aaron Heth, a designer that loves to craft experiences. I live in Austin with my beautiful fiancee and three kittens. I'm a little obsessed with video games and technology.

It's totally okay if you don't care, but having a snappy bio in large type is absolutely mandatory in the design field. Honestly though, I love design. Branding, UI, and any other number of acronyms you can come up with. Every project—print, interactive, or otherwise, is an interactive experience, and I'm passionate about finding ways to make those experiences both simple and joyful. It's all about the details.

If you'd like to hear more, you can follow me on some social network below, catch up on the projects I'm working on, or shoot me an email and say hello!

Active Projects

Revui Sparklepop


AaronHeth (at) gmail.com for freelance and CV requests, or to just say hi.
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